Some of our jewellery and art objects can be difficult to reproduce in drawings or pictures, as they really need to be seen from all sides. This is now possible, thanks to Quicktime VR. You can see some examples here on this page.

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Thor, the god of thunder, rain and farming in Scandinavian mythology, rode the heavens in a wagon pulled by two goats.
An ornament from about 700 A.D. originally in bronze depicts the two goats. It was found in one of Denmark´s richest Viking Age settlements from 600-1000 A.D., just west of Tissø, a lake in West Zealand. Attesting to the wealth of the settlements are the remains of a large manor, a heavy gold neck-lace weighing two kg and countless other pieces of jewellery.
The lake itself is named after the Viking god of victory, Tyr (Tir), and swords, lances and axes offered to the god have been found there as well.

Bronze pendant with gold plating on the front and tin plating on back. Found in Sigerslevøster,North Zealand. Although French inspired in style, the pendant was made in Denmark. An almost identical piece was found in Lejre.

Dates from 800-900 A.D. (The Viking Age).
The original is on display at Sophienborg, North Zealand Folk Museum in Hillerød.

Bracteate-like pendant from the Germanic Iron Age, dating from about 500 A.D. The pendant depicts the figure of an animal, presumably a bird.

Found on the north side of Horsens Fjord.
The original is made of gold.

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